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Digital Hearing Aids

“At Owen Hearing, we specialise in hearing aids that are almost invisible in use”.
When you require a hearing aid consultancy in the South East area the first step is to benefit from our free hearing check-up to determine your degree of hearing loss and discuss any issues with you. This is not complicated and is carried out by a qualified Hearing Aid Consultant. We will also provide you with any results we find, whether it be positive or negative.Hearing Aids come in different shapes, sizes and specifications. If our Consultant discovers an issue with your hearing, they will show you the options that are right for you and demonstrate the product so that you can hear for yourself the clarity it will bring.

hearing-aids-modelsDigital hearing aids are programmable, so we will fine tune the output to suit your hearing needs. We supply all makes and models including Widex, Phonak, Unitron, Starkey, Oticon, and Puretone. This enables us to find the right hearing aid for your hearing and your budget. For some customers a tiny hearing capsule is all that is required (CIC) or others may need the incredibly small and lightweight RITE models.

• If you have difficulty in hearing do give us a call,
• If you are thinking of replacing your old hearing aid do give us a call,
• If you are not sure about your hearing and would like a free assessment without obligation, do give us a call today.

Hearing Aid users will be delighted with our really low cost batteries offer at £1.20 per pack (6 cells)
Please note that £1.20 is for customers who visit one of our local shops, if you would like us to post them, please add 50p. This offer is for a maximum of three packets per individual.

Order today the Guide that contains all the information you need to make a sound buying decision. Email or call us for your FREE copy of The Useful Guide to Hearing Aids or fill out the required form online.

Free hearing check-ups are available at all our shops or in the comfort of your own home, please contact us to book an appointment or for more information.